Back to my roots

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Best Salon Ever

I finally decided to get my hair cut. Probably ended up taking 3-4″ off. But also trying to get my natural color back. Kim is by far the best hair colorist I have ever gotten to do my hair. She took me from brunette to blonde almost four years ago and I made the mistake and went to someone else and realized how dumb that was. Not only is Kim the best,
I love the salon. It’s on King St between George and Society above Phillip’s Shoes (I think, I never pay attention when I’m walking)






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That would be the “Hey Y’all” burger (country fried burger, fried green tomato, collards, pimento cheese, and creole tartar) it is amazing!

Godzilla Burger (double decker, arugula pesto, goat cheese, smoked onion slaw, fried pickles) sooo good!

HōM: Burger Boutique and Ping Pong Lounge

Beer for every occasion

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Before the game: High Five Beer (mainly bought as a joke)

After my Tigers won the ACC Championship: HipHipHooray Beer! (also bought as a joke)

Tigers Win! Tigers Win!

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My buddy Pace got tickets to the ACC Championship game and he and my friend Marc were going. Not going to lie, I was a little jealous. Thursday night Marc came up to me and asked if I wanted to go. Ummmmm yea! Earlier that week my mom had ordered the cutest hats ever for her store and got me a Clemson one and Marc a Virginia Tech one which we got to wear to the game.

This would be before the game (notice Marc is smiling) we’re hi-fiving with a High Five beer. It was so great to be there and see my beloved Tigers win the ACC Championship and not just win, but dominate with a 38-10 win! I am so glad they played like they should have played all season!



Wish they really did exist

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Glazed Gourmet

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Man!Oh!Man! A friend of mine mentioned this place and I had to go right away. If you’re ever on Upper King before 3pm you needhave to go there. I bought three donuts:
Pumpkin- drizzled with dulce de leche icing
Maple Bacon- bits of Nueske’s bacon infused in their dough and maple glaze
The Purple Goat- berry goat cheese
filling with lavender glaze
I cannot wait to go back and try more flavors! They usually have ab 7 flavors a day and they stay open until they sell out so go early for the best selection. I wanted the sweet potato donut but they had sold out by 11, so next time.

Glazed Gourmet






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I met Carly the day she moved to Charleston. I don’t think a day went by between then and July 20 that I didn’t talk to her. Carly was the type of friend everyone wants and everyone hopes they are. We had our ups and downs but we were always there for each other.

One of my favorite memories of Carly is when we were out on Folly and she had drank a little too much. While begging the bouncer to let her in as long as I promised she would drink water, Carly somehow managed to sneak in and we went upstairs to meet the rest of our group. I walked over and handed her a water and she whips around, looks me right in the eyes and said “Forget you! You’re not my friend” I was in complete shocked and dropped my purse and walked outside. Carly seeing I was upset quickly followed me and comes running up hugging me asking “Zanzy, what’s wrong” I explain to her she just said we weren’t friends, her response was “aww Zanzy, of course we’re friends! I love you” That was Carly! She would see you upset and be the first one to check on you. first person to call when you needed someone. She would drop everything she was doing to be there for you. Birthdays were also a big deal and not even two months after meeting Carly she took it upon herself to make sure the server came out with a cake and candle so everyone could sing Happy Birthday. The past three birthdays have been wonderful because Carly was a part of them.


On July 20 at 6:19pm she was tragically taken from us in a freak accident. She died being adventurous and doing something she loved. She was out on the water, where her heart truly was. Everytime I see a sunset now I think of Carly knowing that was probably the last thing she saw. There is a huge void in not only my life but also my heart. She was one of my best friends. I miss our chats and random conversations. It’s been almost 3 months but it still feels like she was just sitting on the couch with me watching the bachelorette while sharing a piece of cake. There is not a second that goes by that I don’t think of her. Things like this aren’t suppose to happen! Best friends aren’t suppose to die at 27. We had so many more adventures to go on. So many plans left undone. So many memories left to be made. So many more inside jokes to make. We were suppose to grow old together, be in each others wedding (I swore it would never happen and Carly always reassured me I just haven’t met the guy that deserved her best friend)

I often wonder if I’ll ever be ok. I cherish my friendships but it scares me to get as close to anyone as I was with Carly. To truly open up and allow someone I know everything about you. Carly was that one friend who knew everything. Who I could tell my deepest secrets and fears to and know that she would keep them as her own. I don’t want to ever hurt like I do now. Never experience the heartache again like I do now.